In November 2005, Caribbean Media Enterprise (CME), under the patronage of Citigroup, hosted its launch at the Citigroup building in Long Island City. The event was combined with a book presentation of the publication of four prominent U.S.-based Caribbean authors: Dr. Vibert Cambridge, Dr. Brenda Chester DoHarris, Dr. Dhanpaul Narine and Dr. Mahin Gosine.

Since then, CME was involved in a number of noteworthy projects, including: co-hosted, with Medgar Evers College/DBC, the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) seminar; participated in the UN’s Caribbean Diaspora Experts meeting; produced and presented Caribbean link-up specials; presented the first live broadcast of Phagwah celebrations in Richmond Hill, Queens, on Air America; and partnered with One Caribbean Radio to facilitate 24-hour Caribbean-centric programming in the Diaspora.

CME produces radio segments, like the award-winning series History of the Caribbean People, for syndication or live presentation, and provides voice-over, audio editing and editorial services, English Language tutoring and niche marketing consultancy.